Fundamental of Tech Support Certificate

CNIT - City College of San Francisco

Certificate Course Sequence:

CNIT Fundamental of Tech Support Certificate


Introduction to Computers Using PC’s

CNIT 100

A computer literacy course using IBM-compatible computers. Prepares students to use computers to write papers, organize information, and use e-mail. Overview of computer components, hardware and software. Fundamentals of the Windows and other operating systems and applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, database, and e-mail and the Internet. Students use computers to complete their class assignments.

Computer Hardware

CNIT 103

This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to install hardware , configure, repair and maintain computer system in a typical office environment . Topics include hardware components and peripherals, assembly, upgrading and basic troubleshooting. 

Operating Systems Technologies

CNIT 104

This course provides the knowledge and skills to select and install system software, and to diagnose and troubleshoot system problems due to software configuration. Covers all aspects of the operating system, configuration files, drivers, and resource allocation. Topics include computer architecture and the interaction of hardware and software, documentation, command line operations, use of utilities for diagnostics and for configuration, and editing the Registry.

IT Customer Support

CNIT 105

Description not available.

Internship and Work Experience

CNIT 197

Description not available.