CNIT Web Development Certificate

City College of San Francisco

Certificate Course Sequence:


CNIT Web Development Certificate


Web 2.0 Internet Technologies

CNIT 129

Overview of Web 2.0 Internet technologies. Techniques for contributing and sharing documents, photos, videos and other data using blogs, wikis, social networking, video and photo sharing websites, and other tools.


Internet Basics and Beginning HTML

CNIT 131

Methods of using the Internet. History, design and protocol methods used on Internet including: electronic mail, mailing lists, Usenet, connection to remote computers, file transfer, World Wide Web, basic web page creation and publishing. Additional topics include: file compression and expansion, computer security, copyright and electronic commerce, and basic Unix shell commands.


Intermediate HTML and CSS

CNIT 132

Use of HTML to publish information on the World Wide Web, including the use of color, images, tables, and frames. Cascading Style Sheets are used to standardize the appearance of information within a page and across pages in a site. Introduction to scripting languages, Dynamic HTML, forms and CGI. Introduction to secure data transfer. Discussion of privacy, copyright, and accessibility issues.


Interactive Web Pages – JavaScript and AJAX

CNIT 133

Creation of interactive Web pages using JavaScript, including properties, methods, objects, and event handlers of the Document Object Model. Creation of interactive Web pages using AJAX technologies.


Server-side Technologies for the Web

CNIT 134

Creation of original server-side scripts using a variety of techniques such as: (i) Extensible Markup Language (SML) and its subsets: Extensible Style Language Transformation (XSLT), XML Schemas and Web Services and (ii) ASP.NET server controls and its data access with ADO.NET.