Computer Science

City College of San Francisco

The Computer Science Department (CS) at CCSF offers courses in computer programming, databases, Unix/Linux administration and programming with multimedia. Students interested in transfer, an Associate in Science degree or a certificate program will find many options to choose from. The more than 60 CS courses range from entry-level, such as Introduction to Computer Science, to emerging technologies geared towards those looking for professional development, such as Android or iPhone programming.


Computer Science Degrees

Computer Science Certificates

Certificate programs make it possible for a student to demonstrate specialization in areas such as computer programming, multimedia, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and Unix administration. The following certificates are offered by the CS Department:

Example Certificate Course Sequences


Check the Resources page for guidance on choosing the right computer science course for you and the person to contact if you have questions about Computer Science classes, certificates and degrees.

Earn CS certificates that qualify you for jobs while you earn your AS degree!

Web/Mobile Application Developer

Web/Mobile Application Developer

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