ICT/Digital Media Education Pathways at San Francisco State University

Four-year degrees from SFSU

San Francisco State University (SFSU)ICT/DM at SFSU is a recognized leader in addressing issues both global and close to home. Recognizing the need to meet the City’s rising demand for ICT workers, SFSU collaborates with SFUSD high schools and CCSF to prepare and attract students to its ICT-related degrees.


ICT degrees from SFSU lead to jobs creating the next big thing! Application developers, hardware and software engineers, and data and systems analysts also make the highest salaries. If you want to work for tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook or Twitter, a BS or masters degree from SFSU is the path to take.

SFSU ICT Degree Programs

San Francisco State University offers ICT-related degrees through the following departments:

College of Business
College of Education:  Instructional Technologies
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering
College of Humanities

Students that have completed 60 or more transferable semester units college units after graduation from high school may transfer as junior or senior (upper division) transfer students. SF State is not currently accepting applications from lower division transfer students (freshman or sophomore students that have completed less than the required transferable units).

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