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Job-focused training and readiness from the City's OEWD

blurb-techsfTechSF, an initiative of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development, offers training in high growth IT occupations that are currently in demand, including Networking, Tech Support, Programming, and Multimedia, in order to prepare San Francisco’s residents for entry into dynamic careers in the ICT/DM industry. TechSF will provide vocational skills training, work experience opportunities, and offer job placement assistance and career advancement to training participants and other individuals working in the IT field.

Read Mayor Edwin M. Lee’s press release regarding TechSF

TechSF is offered through Bay Area Video Coalition, BayView Hunter’s Point Center for the Arts & Technology, City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University in collaboration with West Ed and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor.

TechSF can prepare you for jobs in the following four areas:

  • IT Support
    • Desktop Tech Support
    • Computer Technician
    • Mobile Technician
  • Networking and Security
    • Server Engineer I
    • IT Security Specialist
  • Multimedia
    • Motion Graphics Artist
    • Web Designer/Developer
    • Video Producer/Editor
    • 3D Animator / Game QA Tester / Game Production
  • Programming
    • Web Developer
    • Mobile Applications Developer

Click here and see Training/Careers for details about each of these jobs as well as who does them well, the training required where to get it and how long it takes, the certificates earned, training cost, average pay, who’s hiring, and the career paths.

Get Started!

1. RSVP to a TechSF orientation

Plan on attending an hour-long orientation session where you’ll learn about the IT industry, which TechSF services are available to you and how to take the next steps. RSVP for an upcoming TechSF Career Orientation here >

2. Eligibility

Adults and youth who are at least 18 years of age and who possess a High School Diploma or G.E.D. Top priority will be given to long-term unemployed individuals (this includes people who have lost their jobs due to the recent recession that began 1/1/2008 and have exhausted unemployment benefits).

3. Apply Online

Students who qualify for free training or other services must meet San Francisco’s low-income requirements OR be receiving CA Unemployment Insurance benefits. You may also qualify if you are long-term unemployed and have exhausted UI benefits or have yet reconnected with a job that provides comparable responsibility and pay. Apply Here!

4. Assess Yourself

There are three kinds of assessment tests available to you. In the “Are You a Good Fit?” section, you’ll be able to take a test to determine if you’re well-suited for a career in a particular branch of IT (Information Technology). Under “How Are Your Job Searching Skills?” you’ll learn if you’re using the right approach to job searching. The third section contains tests required by CCSF to enroll in Programming Certificates and Networking/Security Certificates.

5. Training Options

Training, mentoring, internships, soft skills preparation and job placement assistance is available in the high-growth areas of Tech Support, Computer Networking/Security, Programming/Mobile Development and Multimedia. Check out the tab “Training/Careers” to discover what training is available and where to get it, what a typical salary is post-training and what type of companies are hiring. Or, click here to check out all the different BAVC Training Tracks you can qualify for via TechSF.

6. FAQ

Just want to jump to the frequently asked questions?

7. Find a Job

Click here to be considered for upcoming jobs

8. Find an Internship

Click here to be considered for upcoming internships

9. Attend career workshops and events

Click here and go for it!


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