samausaSamaUSA, a program operated under Samasource, aims to help students circumvent lack of opportunity by giving them access to a global marketplace of online jobs. This global marketplace was a billion dollar industry in 2012 and is projected to grow to five billion dollars within the next five years.

SAMAUSA offers a free 10-week online work training program for low-income community college students. Students learn skills that are in-demand for the online work market and how to create profiles on the largest online job sites. The goal of the SAMAUSA program is to help students earn extra income, and gain skills and work experience so that they can support themselves and their families while in college.

The 10-week training:

  • Prepares participants to market themselves on online marketplaces such as oDeskTask Rabbit or Elance
  • Teaches high-demand, market-aligned skills
  • Provides soft skills and digital literacy training required to be successful and competitive in today’s job market

SAMAUSA uses cutting-edge education technology, hands-on coaching, work-based learning and strong partnerships to ensure that students are successful. Those students that successfully complete the program will be awarded netbooks to ensure they have the tools and access to thrive in the digital work marketplace.


Online work platforms are global marketplaces in which independent contractors and their clients can contact one another. An online worker is also called a “contractor” or a “freelancer.” Freelancers post a profile to online sites and apply to open positions by submitting cover letters.  Online work was a billion dollar market in 2012, and is growing over 100% every year. Online work has great benefits including:

  • You can be your own boss
  • You can make your own hours
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • No commute


An online job is different from a full-time, “in-house” job with a single company. When you’re in-house, you work for the company.  As an independent contractor, you will work for many clients, but ultimately you have one boss—yourself. Online jobs include everything from customer support and graphic design to blogging and writing, to virtual assistance. SamaUSA focuses on customer support and virtual assistance, two types of jobs that are growing at a fast rate.

To apply for the program, you must be enrolled in community college. Click here to get started.

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