San Francisco ICT/DM Education Resources

High School Flyers

Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA) High School

Balboa High School

Burton High School

City Arts & Tech High School

Galileo Academy of Science & Technology High School

Abraham Lincoln High School

Lowell High

Marshall High School

Metropolitan Arts & Tech

Mission High School

John O’Connell High School

George Washington High School

Raoul Wallenberg High School


College Flyers

CCSF Flyer


Other Community Based Organizations

Black Girls Code


Mission Bit


Reports and Articles

Choosing the Right Computer Science Courses for You (PDF)

Moulah Palooza: Your Source for Creative Industry Salary Information (PDF)

Pathways to ICT Education and Careers in San Francisco (PDF)


Contact Information


CCSF ICT Department Contacts:

BEMA – Francine Podeski

Business – Ophelia Clark

Computer Science – Craig Persiko

CNIT – Maura Devlin-Clancy

VMD – Lorraine Leber


Dual Enrollment Contacts:

Dual Enrollment SFUSD – Meg Hudson

Dual Enrollment CCSF – Valerie Abauza


MPICT Contacts:

Evan Decker –

Olivia Herriford –


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Black Girls Code


Mission Bit